Bharti Annexe

Ahmedabad, India

Year: 2013


Besides adding a home office, a gymnasium and a family room, this extension of an existing bungalow acts as landscaped connector of the ground floor living room and the first floor private spaces of the main building.

From the old living room - reshaped to change its focus towards the extension - the garden is gently rising up, encircling a sunken court, up to a stone deck, which is connected to the first floor. The main built mass is covered by this landscape, opening up to the central court. Parts of the exposed RCC building push up through the green, but the real extend of the construction is only discovered in a journey through it, which is full of surprises, since the spaces unfold quite unpredicted.

A stream of water, starting from a water body on deck level, is cascading down towards the court, where it disappears in a field of pebbles.