Flame University

Pune, India

Year: 2007


Nestled on the slopes of the Sahyadris, the FLAME arises as a testament to man’s ever increasing need to be in touch with nature, and its myriad of inspiring and thought provoking creations. This educational institute believes that the process of learning extends far beyond the classroom, into encounters of nature; people and life…

The conceptualization of this University is to give living expression to the wisdom of embodying nature within man’s creation. Conceived as a place of ‘liberal education’, the approach to design in itself gives impetus to lateral learning. A place aimed at establishing the relationship of students with life all around them, goes a long way in imbibing a way of lateral thinking in addition to the impartment of knowledge within the classroom. FLAME is the epicenter of a university town, envisaged to have bustling streets, bazaars, sports arenas, cultural centers and social amenities that go into nurturing a settlement.