Hanj Kunj Habitat Housing

Nalsarovar, India

Year: 2009

Housing | Residential

Hanj Kunj aims to create a habitat where birds and humans can co-exist. It seeks to reconnect man and nature by establishing weekend homes within an area of wetlands. The location acts as a container, capturing every drop of rain, becoming independent of any artificial water source. What emerges is an undulating landscape, a series of mounds and depressions. While the natural system forms the landscape, the subdivision of the land into plots provides another dimension of habitat, a human habitat.A clustering system ensures the feeling of living within a small community, minimizing the extent of human intervention throughout the site. The plots and the houses float on both land and water therefore one would not only own the land, but also the water it embraces. Every house is unique, in terms of their location and size, each complete with its own deck overlooking a personal lily pond. Double walls on one side maintain privacy between houses, opening up the rest of the house towards the landscape, providing unlimited vistas and views.