Nalanda University

Rajgir, India

Year: 2018

Housing | Institutional | Planning/Urban Design

We envisage Nalanda University as the campus of the future, positioned at the forefront of global education and hub of intellectual excellence. Equally, the master plan of the campus must be an iconic beacon that attracts global attention for adopting sustainable methods to achieve social and economic integration of the local community. The location of the campus in a predominantly agricultural area implies a larger impact on the adjacent areas. This is why we chose to enlarge the study perimeter to the surrounding villages. Our reflection has led us to believe there exists a need for the university to engage with inhabitants from surrounding villages by opening its doors. A large part of the campus is reserved for development and dissemination of information about modern practices in agriculture and biotechnology. There is a tremendous potential here, and we would like to work with the local people to further define the contents of this outreach program.The master plan integrates sustainable practices at every phase of the project, from site planning of the campus through creation of infrastructure, cost-effective ways to both reduce consumption of natural resources and minimize dependency on off-site building materials. The plan allows for incremental growth and flexible expansion and phasing while preserving the agricultural and environmental basis of the region.

The intent is to create a model campus plan by digging the university’s multifaces of identity, its belonging, its time.