National War Museum and Memorial

New Delhi, India

Year: 2016

Competition | Institutional

The allegorical idea that public space and public freedom are hard won through the great sacrices of countless individuals in the pursuit of liberty provides the original design concept for this project. A memorial and a park built to represent this truth should pay homage to the loss incurred in securing these freedoms.

It is hoped that the engagement of the lay public, while at leisure, within these plazas set amidst mature trees and buildings of the war museum with their figurative walls,sculpture, quotations, and displays of weapons, will encourage them to imbibe not only the military traditions and history of the nation but also help them understand the ethos of bearing arms for the nation. Though the plazas have been created by the making of the war museum and will be maintained by the museum, they are open to the public, even when the museum is closed.