Revitalization of Bhadra Precincts

Ahmedabad, India

Year: 2014

Planning/Urban Design

The development plan for I-VEN Township, Jambhe gives a unique opportunity to define an identity for the living environment of about 60,000 persons, which responds actively to the actual circumstances. The project aims to achieve an integrated ecological and socially sustainable approach to new planning development.

The character of the traditional Indian society based on individual freedom within community based social action is used. The project is kept away from standardization and segregating schemes and intentionally leaves liberty for personal and community involvement. The planning vision is to provide a locally appropriate way of life. The lively and sustainable traditional Indian cities are taken as examples to create enjoyable neighborhoods, in harmony with their natural environs. This project has as one of its goals a low emission city. It aims to restrict the overall energy consumption and the carbon dioxide emission to the minimum by means of an integrated land use and public transport strategy, based on mixed use, which responds to the social and spatial needs of the inhabitants and forms the basis for an expand able urban structure.