Vidhyadhar Nagar (30,000 dwelling units)

Jaipur, India

Year: 1984

Planning/Urban Design

While planning Vidyadhar Nagar how can we ignore what Maharaja Jaisingh contemplated while planning the city of Jaipur? Few fundamentals and the city of Jaipur becomes a paradise on earth - To create a paradise one must be happy, healthy and must live well; to live well, one must have opportunities, skills and knowledge; to provide employment there has to be markets and useful products; to maintain and grow one must pay taxes and to pay taxes – one must be fruitfully employed.

Vidyadhar Nagar incorporates these ideals along with the needs of contemporary living, working and cultivating spirit.

To honour Jaisingh the main reservoir in the form of Jal Yantra was created with the networks of channel for both water-harvesting and distribution.